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Wingate Elementary School Dorm Room with Beds, a Desk and Closet.

Residential Program at Wingate Elementary School


Wingate Elementary School’s Residential Program guides students through the process of becoming productive, self-sufficient, and responsible citizens. Students in grades 1st - 8th receive academic services in their temporary homes on-campus Sunday - Friday during the academic school year. Student success depends on the life-learning lessons and coping skills used to meet all social, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and educational needs.

This safe living-and-learning environment instills holistic life skills in our students which prepares them to receive and utilize a quality education. The specific needs of our Navajo students are addressed on a consistent basis in one-on-one, family, and group settings as they are deemed necessary and beneficial. Residential students participate in interactive and engaging presentations by community entities and on educational field trips.

student lounge area with tv, sofas and table with chairs

The advantages of Wingate Elementary’s Residential Program is our structured curriculum’s focus on health and wellness, social and emotional skills, character-building, and culture. Residential staff values individual perspectives as well as recognizes student diversity. Families and Guardians are encouraged to support their child’s success by actively participating in staff conferences, meetings, training, and school activities.

The goal of the residential program is to create a safe, clean, and comfortable learning environment in which students have pride in who they are and what they are learning. Residence halls are equipped with various learning assets; such as tutoring services, computer labs for tutorials and research, school supplies, project assistance, and more. The residential program also maintains daily homework logs, academic progress reports, and residential representation at IEP meetings.

fitness area with weights, treadmills and various exercise equipment



We welcome your child to be a part of our residential program at Wingate Elementary School. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Residential Program Manager at (505) 488-6355.

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