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Gymnasium Sign - Welcome to Wingate Elementary School

Discover Wingate Elementary School

Greetings Friends! We are the Wingate Elementary Bear Cubs! Our mission is to ensure all students excel above and beyond academic expectations using traditional and digital learning initiatives. Every one of our students has access to high- quality learning resources and modalities for success in all academic settings. Wingate Elementary students discover and develop various intellectual interests and skill.  We welcome students to an exciting learning environment where every day presents a new opportunity to grow.


The mission of Wingate Elementary School is to empower each student to learn and excel in a safe and supportive environment in an everchanging world.

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About Us

Wingate Elementary School caters to both residential and academic programs. The school serves K-8th grade students as well as a Family and Child Education (FACE) program.

Our academic program provides a comprehensive educational program in math, English Language Arts, science, history, physical education, technology, library, and culture/language.

We recently introduced new curriculum resources for all academic areas and upgraded the campus technology. Our teachers now use a unique education management system. Our school assessment data shows that some students require extra attention, so we have set aside dedicated time for individualized math and reading intervention programs. At our school, we prioritize our students' needs and progress and analyze student data carefully to improve our teaching methods.

Our student population is 100% Native American, with 99% being Navajo (Dine'). Our school is designated to serve five Navajo Nation communities due to our geographical location. About 25% of our students are also enrolled in the residential program. In the residential program, students stay during the week and then return home on weekends and holidays. We take pride in our exceptional academic and residential staff, with several serving students for over twenty years or more. Most of our teachers are Native American, with many having Navajo (Dine’) heritage and extensive knowledge of their language and cultural teachings. We also take great pride in our stakeholders, which include our students, parents, families, school board members, and communities.

Our extracurricular activities and programs for students include Student Council, Sports, Honor Roll, and National Junior Honor Society. Our parents have been building a solid partnership with the school through the Parent Involvement Committee, and they have suggested the continuation of after-school activities such as Math Night, ELA Night, Science Night, and other family events. The school board members have also been actively engaging with the school community and are conducting monthly meetings to support our efforts for school improvement.

Wingate Elementary School nurtures, protects, and develops the minds of its Bear Cubs - the future leaders of our Navajo community. Our students join an adventurous world of academics, from kindergarten through the transformative years to 8th grade. We believe in the intellectual, emotional, physical, and social success for all students.

The educational journey at Wingate Elementary is designed to shape the minds of our future communicators, problem solvers, and community leaders.

Strategic Transformation of Education Plan (STEP)

For the 2023-2024 school year, Wingate Elementary School is implementing the Strategic Transformation of Education Plan initiative – a digital learning portal with a blended learning approach. Our students can maximize this opportunity by accessing the digital learning portal with a 1:1 student-laptop usage ratio. This approach gives our students the advantage of integrated applications, and a robust learning strategy.

Wingate Elementary School’s team of dedicated educators are committed to the growth and development of your children - tomorrow’s leaders.

Message from the Principal

Welcome Wingate Family,

As the Principal of our school, I want to welcome you to our community. We have an excellent school and look forward to working as a team with you to provide your student with a culturally relevant and high-quality education. We are looking forward to witnessing your students' successes.

Wingate Elementary offers many opportunities:

  • A strong athletic program,
  • An engaging culture program,
  • A safe school environment and interactive residential program,
  • A timely transportation program,
  • A tasty food service program,
  • Family Involvement opportunities

We look forward to continuing to provide you with the most current and relevant education available.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

“Success for ALL”

Eric North

"Proud" Principal  

“Once a Bear Cub ALWAYS a Bear Cub” 

Principal North with students in front of school

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