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Health Services

Wingate Elementary School Classroom Table with Various School Items.

Health Services at Wingate Elementary

Wingate Elementary School provides holistic and comprehensive health services to treat physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues impacting a student’s educational journey.  Our team of trained and dedicated healthcare professionals closely monitors the status of each student’s overall well-being. On-site specialists, teachers, and staff immediately address students’ individual needs while maintaining close communications with parents/guardians.

Partnership with Gallup Indian Medical Center Health Education Program

Our health services program follows guidelines developed in partnership with the Gallup Indian Medical Center Health Education program. We prioritize safety and prevention throughout our learning environment to protect our student body and school community. Wingate Elementary secures close partnerships with parents/caregivers to be proactive regarding students’ individual needs, medical histories, drug administration requirements, allergies, mental health issues, or other special needs accommodations.

Comprehensive Health Checks and Parent Communication

We enhance our Bearcubs’ educational journey by routinely checking for medical, vision, dental, emotional, or nutritional needs. Wingate staff performs regular visual wellness checks to identify injuries, cuts, bruises, lice, infections, and other health concerns, while quickly informing parents/guardians to protect the health and safety of all students. Our health service program maintains a school-family connection so students, parents/guardians, teachers, and staff can work in unison for the quality care of the student.

Academic Success through Health and Safety

Wingate Elementary School’s health services program understands how vitally important it is to assess a student’s overall health condition. Our team works closely with emergency/ambulatory services, medical facilities, and/or agencies to provide appropriate emergency medical treatment.

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