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Student Services

Wingate Elementary School Blurred Laptop on Student Desk with Student's Pot of Gold Assignment In Focus on Desk.

Student Services at Wingate Elementary School

Guiding the Bearcubs to Success

Wingate Elementary School students are guided through a holistic education plan that focuses on their mental, physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual well-being. Comprehensive support services empowers students to succeed and prepares them for lifelong learning. Students receive the nurturing, guidance, and academic support needed to reach their full potential. Dedicated, staff, administrators and specialists ensure the successful application of our quality student services for optimal results.

  • Athletic program
  • After-school tutoring
  • Exceptional Education
  • Library media
  • Health services
  • Transportation
  • Student clubs
  • Navajo language/culture
  • STEM
  • Computer technology

Wingate Elementary School’s curriculum covers all core academic content areas, including English/Language Arts, writing, math, science, social studies, special education, gifted and talented services, and Navajo language and cultural education. All grade levels (K-8) receive the requisite academic and extracurricular support services needed to prepare them for high school.

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