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Wingate Elementary School Cafeteria Featuring Modern Architecture, Orange Tables and Stools, Clean Floors, and Juvenile-Themed Wall Hangings and Pictures.

Meals at Wingate Elementary School

Cafeteria Rules

Wingate Elementary School’s cafeteria staff prepare balanced meals, which are an essential part of our successful education program. Our meals provide Bear Cubs with the nutrition, energy and brain food they need to focus and flourish each school day. The physical and mental sustenance of every student begins with our ability to offer diverse and culturally relevant food items.

No outside drinks - including teas, sodas, sports drinks and energy drinks - are allowed in the cafeteria. Only bottled water, milk and juice served from the cafeteria is permitted. The cafeteria is a place to eat and connect with classmates in an orderly manner.

Any student who wants a second helping must wait until everyone has been served once.

All Bear Cubs must follow the school rules and continue exhibiting model behavior while they eat in the cafeteria. Students are prohibited from running, cutting in line, throwing food, fighting or engaging in any form of horseplay while in the cafeteria. All students are expected to be responsible for their designated seating areas by removing any trash from their trays and disposing of it in a trash can.

All electronic devices and headgear must be removed before entering the cafeteria and remain out of sight while in the cafeteria. Student meals are provided at no cost. Parents/guardians, staff and all visitors are required to pay for their meals because they are non-reimbursable by the USDA.


March 2024 Breakfast/Lunch

April 2024 Breakfast/Lunch

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