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Celebrating Diversity at Wingate

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Celebrating Diversity at Wingate

In our global society, it is important to understand the diverse array of cultures that make up the world. The Bureau of Indian Education is diverse, with schools serving 40,000 students across 23 states and 64 reservations.

April is the 20th anniversary of Celebrate Diversity Month, and the BIE honors its diversity every day.

Students receive a culturally relevant education through the BIE and learn about Tribal culture and history as part of their daily curriculum – in art, language, school activities and more. That includes learning to make pottery, making introductions in their Tribe’s language and beading a piece of regalia.

Staff also encourages students to express their heritage and cultural identity through the projects they choose and the clothing they wear at school. Many students nationwide participate in Rock Your Mocs Week during Native American Heritage Month in November.

At Wingate Elementary School, we look forward to celebrating the diversity of our student body and the communities we serve. Our school is a welcoming environment for students and families to share what makes their heritage unique. Please join us in celebrating the diversity of our community.

Outside of the classroom, there are many ways families can incorporate celebrating diversity, including:

  1. Cooking a new dish from a different type of cuisine.
  2. Watching a movie or show written in a different language or from another country.
  3. Attending an art exhibit featuring artists with inspiration from their culture or around the world.
  4. Reading a book about the history or culture of another group of people.
  5. Passing a tradition or story from family heritage to the next generation.

Celebrate Diversity Month Social Media Post

🌟 Happy Celebrate Diversity Month!

🌍✨ At the Bureau of Indian Education, we embrace the rich tapestry of cultures that enrich our global community and the vibrant communities served by BIE schools. Beyond the classroom, families can join in celebrating diversity by:

🍲 Trying out a new cuisine and cooking a dish from a different culture.

🎬 Watching a movie or show in another language or from a different country.

🎨 Exploring art exhibits featuring diverse artists and their cultural inspirations.

πŸ“š Diving into a book that shares the history or culture of another group.

πŸ‘ͺ Passing down cherished traditions and stories from family heritage to the next generation.

Let's celebrate the beauty of our differences and the unity found in diversity! πŸŽ‰ #CelebrateDiversity #BIE #NativeEd

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