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Summer Reading Can Change Everything: READ MORE THIS SUMMER

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Reading is the safest and most beneficial activity students can engage in over the summer. There are always benefits to reading but it’s during the summer when it becomes fun and personal. The following are the Top 5 Reasons Why Students Should Read over the Summer.

Practice Makes Perfect

Reading is like most skills; the more students practice, the better they become. And the better they get at reading, the more enjoyment they get from it. As long as reading is difficult, students will avoid it. This avoidance prevents students from continuing to learn at the right pace

Fiction vs. Nonfiction

During the school year, students must read textbooks to pass their classes. The summer can introduce students to books on new topics. Opening themselves up to fiction and non-fiction books allows students to discover a wider variety of interesting and relatable topics.

Learn to Love Reading by Reading Everything

Books may have a lot of competition (e.g. video games, Internet, television, etc.) during the summer. However, there are books to read on all those subjects. These books/magazines are opportunities to practice the same reading skills they practiced with a school textbook.

Emotional Well-being

Students may have guidance counselors, teachers, and family members, but still not feel comfortable sharing with anyone. Reading helps students better understand their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in private, and prepares them to express them in healthy ways.

Become an Expert

Learning unique skills and information can make a student an “expert” on a particular subject. This gives students self-confidence and builds self-esteem. Reading starts a process of comprehension, mastery, and sharing that encourages them to use their brains in new ways.

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